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Taffy the New Jersey Bear™
Taffy the New Jersey Bear
the New Jersey Bear™

  • Release Date: September 1, 2000
  • Taffy honors the invention of salt water taffy, first made (according to legend) in Atlantic City in 1883. Salt water taffy remains a popular item today, still associated with the Jersey Shore.
  • Taffy is a 9 3/4" light pink bear with the state name and a piece of delicious salt water taffy embroidered on its chest.
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  • Kids' Books about New Jersey

Stately Bears was pleased to hear from one of the descendants of David Bradley, a candy maker and the originator of salt water taffy. Heather Corcoran Harrison was kind enough to share her family's story:

In 1880, David Bradley was a candy maker and salesman with his brothers on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He had a cart he walked up and down the Boardwalk in order to sell his candy. One day, when he closed up his cart and went home, a big storm came. The next morning he found his candy spoiled, as waves from the ocean had flooded his cart of candy, especially the taffy.

As he was (not happily) cleaning up his goods, a little girl came up to him. She asked him if he had any candy to sell. With his quick (and rather sarcastic) wit, David Bradley replied to her, "I had taffy, but it's salt water taffy now!" The girl became more interested, telling her friends about the man with the salt water taffy. David Bradley's mother and sister urged him to keep this name "salt water taffy," and it sold more than ever.

The name has stuck ever since - even though there is no salt water actually in the taffy. On some boxes of salt water taffy (James', Fralinger's), you can still read this story. This was my Great, Great, Great Uncle David Bradley - brother to my Great Great Grandmother Margaret Bradley Kelly, and son of my Great, Great, Great Grandmother Mary Anne Wilde Bradley.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as our family does!

Heather Corcoran Harrison

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